Candle Refilling Service

1. We accept any clean, emptied out Halina candle jars. Dishwashing liquid and hot water will do the trick!

2. Shoot us an email over at with a duly accomplished refill order form.

Total jars for refilling:
Types of jars:
Scents to be poured:

Shipping method: For pick-up or via courier delivery

3. We will reply with your invoice total, current available scents, and the pin location where you can have your empty jars dropped off.

4. IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to sending, label each jar with the specific scent you want poured. It can be a different one from the scent you originally bought. For example, Misty Morning can be poured in our signature amber jars; Unsent Letters can be poured in the pink matte vessels of Our Summer Love.

5. For any other questions, you can send us an email or DM us on Instagram.


Small as it may be, you’ll be helping lessen both of our waste products and our carbon footprint. Thank you for always walking with us on this journey.