About Us


Over here at Halina, we take home fragrances seriously.

Each item we produce is backed by months of research, testing, and more research to create an end product that is at par or better than the last, making use of premium ingredients that are free of phthalates and carcinogens. All candles are hand-poured in small batches to make sure that the quality gets across.

As much as possible, we make use of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging to help lessen our carbon footprint. 



Halina was inspired from some of the most beautiful things in life – the golden hour, daydreams, and the owner’s love for traveling. Established in October 2020 during a time when everyone must adhere to strict quarantine measures, we wanted to recreate the peace we often find outdoors into home fragrances, to remind people of better times.

Much like the sunsets and midnights that we were inspired by – each product from Halina is unique and carefully-curated with love and intention to bring warmth and light to people’s homes.